Text Box: Every retailer has a similar challenge;  carry enough of the right product mix to meet customer demands while keeping inventories as low as possible.  With the constantly changing market we face, the problem becomes even more difficult to manage as product life cycles shorten.  Inventory that won’t sell due to changing market conditions or inaccurate sales forecasting becomes a liability that must be  “dumped” at the expense of profit margins.
Inaccurate sales forecasting often leads to erroneous purchasing decisions which leads to “dead” inventory and overstocked warehouses without enough room for the “good” merchandise.
Clearly, using the right inventory forecasting model is critical to any retailer’s success.  
Indexing by item, growth and seasonality models, vignette Text Box: models, and many others can be applied across the company or mixed among product types or even sku-by-sku.  Getting order fill rates up and keeping inventory levels down reduces warehousing costs, increases customer satisfaction and reduces inventory damage and obsolescence.
Even if a retailer is aware of the many forecasting models available, often their systems do not give them the flexibility to use the model(s) that are best suited for them..
So while every retailer has the same challenge, every retailer is not the same.  That’s why  
Text Box: custom solutions for your inventory replenishment — built to your exact specifications — can save thousands on gross margin hits, overstocked and overcrowded warehouses and distribution centers, etc.
A good replenishment system will normally pay for itself very quickly — 6 month or less ROI is not uncommon.
The people at OMS have been helping companies with their replenishment systems since 1993.  Let us help you build the custom fit system for you business to save you money while increasing your fill rates and customer satisfaction.

Text Box: Expect More from your Purchasing Replenishment System
Text Box: Critical Success Factors in Forecasting and Inventory Replenishment
Text Box: How do you plan for:
New SKUs in your product mix?
Promotions and sales?
New locations opening and/or closing? 
SKUs that can be substituted for one another?
Getting your inventory from your distribution center to your stores? (allocation)
Tracking your landed overseas costs?
Tracking your overseas purchases from point of order to point of receipt? 
Building containers allowing for minimum order quantities and filling containers whenever possible?
Making sure you account for business growth?
Making sure you account for busy and slow seasons?
Vendor and/or port closings?
Manual overrides for exception skus?

Text Box: OMS can help you with:
Like sku, weighted like sku and other approaches
Multiple methodologies to handle sales and promotions
Like store approach, store modeling, etc.
Substitute skus, shared sku history, etc.
End to end allocation plans, built custom to meet your exact specifications
End to end Global Traak landed costs tracking
End to end Global Traak physical inventory movement , information gathering and information cross checking
Smart rounding based on weeks supply/cost/weight, etc and container building based on your business rules
Multiple possible methods of calculating growth
Seasonality modeling in your forecasting 
Build unavailability windows to adjust order quantities
Forecast Override with expiration dates, etc.
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