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 What our Customers Say about OMS

"During my tenure as President of Domain Home Furnishings, I met Jay Brummett while we were doing a search for a consultant who could develop a reliable purchasing forecasting system for our assortment of furniture and accessories. Four major obstacles had to be overcome in projecting our inventory needs:

  1. The seasonality of the assortment particularly in accessories.
  2. Providing the buyers with projections on new product with no sales history.
  3. Calculating inventory needs with lead times as short as 4 weeks when purchased domestically and as long s 16 - 20 weeks when purchased direct from the factory oversees.
  4. Lastly,intergrate the forecasting system with our IT operating system from GERS which tracked sales, inventory, financial etc.

Several consultants we spoke with would not take on the project, thankfully Jay and his team did. Four months later we had a working prototype and two months later we had a functioning forecasting system.

Long after the project was completed I know the Senior Analyst would call Jay with a question or an issue. He was always available to respond without the clock ticking. He viewed this system as his and responded as if he owned it.

During my meeting with him through the development of the system I found him to be very smart as well as insightful always asking challanging questions.

The end result, Domain had a very reliable forecasting system that; reduced inventory, improved our in-stock percentage and reduced the number of buying assistants. I got exactly what I wanted! Thanks Jay. "

    Jim McCullagh


   Domain Home Furnishings

"We are so pleased with the consistent training excellence displayed by OMS, we use them whenever the opportunity arises. Student responses are consistently excellent, and our clients ask for Jay Brummett from OMS by name.

To illustrate, here are some student comments – all from ONE training session: 'The best trainer we have ever had', 'Best instructor ever', 'Expert on subject matter, excellent presentation skills and enthusiasm', 'Great use of real life examples – made the course material relevant to my everyday work', 'Most engaging instructor I have ever had', 'Very strong subject matter expert.' These are typical of what pours out from our students every time we use OMS to deliver our training.

OMS is flexible with our schedule and allows us an excellent outsourcing option for UCF’s Continuing Education department, and could be for yours as well – we recommend them highly."

    Maria Cherjovsky, M.A.

    Assistant Division Director

   University of Central Florida, Continuing Education

"Nextel employed OMS' Jay Brummett full-time as a Retail IT consultant. For more than two years he provided his Project Management, IT Engineering, Vendor Management and Personnel Management services. Jay is a highly intelligent and motivated individual. His natural ability to lead people and projects is second to none.

As a Project Manager, Jay successfully led multiple projects with complex requirements, significant deliverables and aggressive timelines through the Software Development Life Cycle. With the help of his cross-functional teams, he consistently produced a high-quality deliverable every project and never missed a deadline.

As part of his former Nextel Retail IT responsibilities, Jay expertly managed an internal staff while spearheading 3rd party vendor management. Jay is an expert with all Microsoft Office Suite applications and provided excellent recommendations and communications to both peers and management staff using these tools. If given the opportunity, I would gladly work with Jay again. "

    Kevin Hanson

    Supervisor - Direct Retail IT Development


"Our firm recruited Jay Brummett of OMS for a Microsoft Project implementation/training/customization engagement for one of our Fortune 100 clients in Boston. Although the project was delayed for several months, Jay stood strong with his commitment to see the project through its entirety.

Throughout the contract, Jay’s communication both to us and our client regarding timelines, versions and deadlines was always on point. Jay proved to be the utmost professional throughout the project. Most all of the work was done remotely with the exception of a couple of onsite visits and our client was more than satisfied with the results of the implementation.

I can confidently say that I would highly recommend Jay for any consulting project either onsite or remote. It was a pleasure to engage Jay with our client and I look forward to doing so again soon. "

    Aaron Fugate

    Managing Partner


""We turned to OMS to help us develop a custom price tag package that would allow us to include impactful graphics, barcodes and our own custom design. They worked hard to help us take the project from just an idea all the way through design, testing and implementation. They delivered exactly what we asked for, ahead of schedule and under budget. We will certainly be using OMS again -- when we need custom reporting, third party solutions, advice, help interfacing our cross-channel systems, or just about anything having to do with our retail IT operations."

    John Mockler

    IT Director

    Rotman's Furniture and Carpet

We originally hired OMS to help us with our Forecasting and Inventory Replenishment, but we actually received much more than a software solution. OMS is helping us implement industry best practices, and helping us make our IT organization stronger, more efficient, and more effective – a world class IT Professional Services Organization. The assistance we’ve received has helped us restructure our department, redefine roles and begin to maximize the potential of our resources – both in the IT group and within other groups in our organization.

We’re making a long term commitment to OMS to help us with all of our IT initiatives – OMS has earned it.

OMS works a lot less like a consultant to us and more like ‘outsourced employees’ – their level of commitment and passion has made them a member of our team, not just a bunch of hired guns. It’s easy to find consultants that will charge you by the hour and then just disappear. OMS cares about our company and cares about our success.

Their rates are very competitive, and I’d say we generally get about double the productivity out of the time we spend with OMS as we have gotten from other software vendors and consultants. If you want a consultant that cares about the success of your organization and the knowledge of our industry and the ability to bring solutions together from many different sources – call OMS.

    Brian Wagoner

    IT Director

    IMS/Innovative Mattress Solutions/Sleep Outfitters/Mattress Warehouse

"We have been working with OMS for 2 critical projects with very short completion requirements. Our buyers had an Asia trip already on the schedule but we didn’t have the tools available to accurately make our purchase commitments. OMS was able to build us a custom forecasting and replenishment system to give us insight into our current and future expected needs. They provided us with multiple methodology options and calculations and helped us decide which would work best to achieve our business goals.

The second project was focused on our ecommerce initiative. Our executive team had set a go-live deadline that was very aggressive. OMS worked with us to evaluate the options and negotiate with the vendor for the best pricing. Working with our ecommerce site developer they built all of the interfaces we needed to get the site up and running.

We found that the knowledge OMS brought to us regarding other software packages helped us in evaluating and negotiating with our primary vendor. They have been available to us whenever we needed them for a requirement change or fix and have gone beyond our expectations to make sure we are happy with what they are delivering. Overall, our experience with OMS has shown us that we can get very high quality work and on-time delivery, all at a fair price."

    Mary Lou Burlingame

    Application Support

    Domain-Home Fashions

"I worked with [OMS Consulting Partners'] Jay Brummett for some 15 months at Cablevision.  He was able to transform an archaic, unresponsive software package into a flexible and robust user-driven vehicle. His ability to translate complicated systemic problems into user-friendly applications was incredible. He worked efficiently and effectively with me, the merchant group, and IT community. He took the time to learn and understand our processes and work flow requirements. He dedicated himself to fulfilling our needs as users before embarking on hardware or software solutions.

Jay’s level of dedication and communication was exemplary. He did whatever was necessary to complete projects on time. He kept me informed on a daily basis. Working with Jay was the best experience I have ever had with a consultant. He produced tangible, meaningful results, which increased our ability to analyze and evaluate business trends by sku and store exponentially. As a result our inventory turnover and gross margin rose significantly. An important intangible benefit was that my associates enjoyed doing their jobs again. They were able to obtain information quickly and influence purchases and store inventory levels with the decision-oriented reports Jay produced for us.

Overall, I cannot praise Jay too highly. His collaboration with our company made an enormous difference in the execution of our responsibilities. I recommend Jay and his group without any reservation."

    Carl Palumbo


    Burlington Coat Factory

"At Mattress Firm we have experienced unbelievable growth in our business, dramatically increasing the demands of complex computing systems from POS, inventory, accounting etc. We hire OMS consultants knowing their ability to work efficiently in complex issues -- often with ‘fuzzy’ requirements. Their work is always of the highest quality and they consistently deliver on time and on budget. The knowledge and experience OMS brings to the table is phenomenal.

Also playing an important role in all projects is the personality and professionalism of Jay Brummett -- who always gives us his best. He is always kind, knowledgeable, hard working, sharp thinking, patient, an excellent problem solver (smiling under the most difficult situations), possesses exceptional listening capabilities and organization skills -- with a distinctive style and presence. These qualities guarantee success on each project he is involved with.

Personally I would recommend his services to anyone who is going through complex computing situations and requires efficient, fast and accurate assistance."

    Yannis Remediakis

    Database Administrator

    Mattress Firm, Inc.

"Had we known Jay with OMS about two years prior to finding him, we would likely have saved over $60,000 on a single mismanaged project.  Had we not found out about him when we did, we would also likely been involved in an expensive law suit.

When we met OMS, our company had hired an outside programming company at hourly rates to do an upgrade to our equipment tracking software we market to our clients.  We thought the upgrade from Windows 98 to XP would be simple.  It turned out to be a nightmare, a black sink hole of investment.  At the time we met OMS, we were two years down the road and still without a working product.

During our first meeting, OMS succinctly illuminated our problem -- we were missing a sound vendor management plan.  After questioning us thoroughly about the programmer and project, he advised us to stay with the existing programmer, but insist on incremental steps for payment and more rigorous controlled environment testing.  For this product, we were dealing with hundreds of users with all different configurations and operating systems. 

Unfortunately, by the time OMS came onto the scene and we realized the error of our ways, we were already embroiled in a dispute over payment.  The programmer did not take well to our new demands, but the end result with OMS's help was that the programming company discounted their rate, and eventually turned over a fully working program without any further cost to us.

For any company contemplating a complex software project, you would be wise to employ OMS up front.  They are excellent at breaking down complex processes, thinking through the details, and getting results.  From our situation, the ROI on their services has been outstanding."

    Betsi Bixby


    Meridian Financial