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OMS can help you make your existing applications do more things than they could "out of the box" and we can help you make your "non-compatible" systems communicate with each other:

1. Custom Report Design

2. Custom Data Exporting (Access, Excel, Word, etc.)

3. Third Party Add-on Consulting

4. Application Integration

Adding HR functionality: A Fortune 500 company was using a manual process to pay their over 1,500 hourly employees. Their current ERP system did not include any HR or payroll functionality. We helped them build a custom module to process payroll information for paying hourly store employees through a completely automated process.

Enhancing Commission functionality: A mid-sized consumer electronics retailer had a great idea how they could increase profits and reduce salesperson mark downs by implementing a new commission structure. When they realized that their current system could not support the new structure, we built a customized commissions module to meet their exact criteria.

Enhancing Planning and Allocation: When a major retailer couldn’t get the functionality for stocking their stores with the right levels of the right inventory, we built an entire custom module enabling modeling, indexing, etc. to their exact specifications. Order fill rates rose drastically, shipments could be scheduled less often, and costly “emergency” store to store transfers became a thing of the past.

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