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 Forecasting & Replenishment

Forecasting & Replenishment

OMS can build you a custom solution to help you:

  1.  Keep inventory levels low and customer fill rates high

  2.  Reduce warehouse overcrowding

  3.  Increase profits

  4.  Deal effectively with increased complexities of buying from foreign vendors

OMS has helped numerous companies with a very affordable, custom integrated forecasting and inventory replenishment solution that:

  1.  Gives you the opportunity to "roll back the clock" and take different forecasting formulas for a "test drive"

  2.  Handle new skus, new stores, discontinued skus and store closings

  3.  Deal with longer leadtimes from overseas vendors

  4.  Allocation of inventory from distribution centers to stores

  5.  Tracking overseas shipment true "landed" costs

  6.  Tracking overseas physical movement of inventory in transit