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 International Logistics & Supply Chain

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Costs savings from purchasing your merchandise overseas can be substantial.

But buying from China, Brazil and other international locations complicates your supply chain.

1. Longer lead times complicate inventory management. Lead times can be as high as 120 or more days from foreign vendors, making accurate inventory planning more important than ever.

2. Many more parties can be involved in the process. Freight forwarders, ocean lines, US Customs, drayage and rail -- just a few of the players you'll have to work with when buying from overseas. Effective communication is likely to be MUCH more challenging than when buying domestically. OMS can build you a custom system to help you electronically gather all pertinent data, keep track of the physical movement of your inventory, and 'cross check' sources of information to ensure accuracy.

3. Accurate 'landed' costing becomes much more complex. Ocean freight, duties, drayage charges, rail, dock fees, etc. are all cost 'layers' that may be part of your bottom line when you buy from overseas. OMS can help you keep track of those costs and measure true "landed" cost and all cost layers.

Let OMS help you keep track of your overseas orders from time of purchase to date of receiving while accurately tracking all added cost "layers" so you know what your inventory is really costing you.