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 MS Dynamics/NAV/LS Retail

MS Dynamics/NAV/LS Retail


OMS is constantly looking for better solutions for our customers. Solutions that can provide better performance, more information, ease of use, lower total cost of ownership and higher ROI.

That's why we are now working with Microsoft Dynamics: a scalable, proven, powerful and easy to use system -- backed with the strength of one of the largest names in software with thousands of installations and millions of users worldwide.

OMS is partnering with experienced Dynamics implementers like AVF Consulting and industry experts like WIB Systems working together to optimize the functionality the entire Microsoft ERP line to help you get the most out of your retail operation no matter what vertical you're in -- from electronics to furniture to telecom to mall retailing and beyond.

Our services include:
  1. Microsoft Dynamics POS - A fully functional, highly customizable and easy to use Point-of-Sale application - integrate into your current system or run as a 'stand alone'.
  2. LS Retail - Integrated into Dynamics NAV and AX, a powerful, feature rich and easy to use POS system for medium sized and large companies
  3. Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (Quick, straight forward and robust solution for smaller retailers)
  4. Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Complete ERP system for medium sized companies including General Ledger, Merchandising, Purchasing, POS, Warehousing, etc.
  5. Microsoft Dynamics AX - Complete ERP system for large companies

Take a look at our Detailed MS Dynamics/NAV & LS Retail page for more:
LS Retail Videos, Testimonials, Demos, Tutorials, etc.

Call or email us for a demonstration of what this system can do for you.

Ability: How much can you do?


  • LS POS can be used with both keyboard and touch screen equipment, and offers features that make sales transactions easy to set up, manage and process for any retail business with its end-to-end GUI user interface.
  • LS POS sets new standards for speed, ease-of-use and error-free processing of retail sales. The system has integrated real-time accounting and powerful inventory control.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, the user has the choice of two clients; the classic client and role-based client. With the familiar look of other Microsoft products (like MS Outlook) the store manager can have a client suited for his needs, the buyer another, and so on.

LS Retail Screen Print
One Possible POS Configuration using LS Retail


  • LS POS works online, or offline for optimal resilience with the online benefits available at all times
  • LS POS is an integral part of LS Retail. Like the rest of LS Retail, the POS is based on & fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics/NAV.

Dynamics POS 2009 Screen Print
Sample Dynamics POS 2009 Layout


  • LS Retail includes CRM and customer loyalty features ‘out of the box’.


  • LS Retail supports promotions, multi-buy, mix & match and much more to drive your customers sales to meet your business goals.

LS Retail Screen Print
Another Possible POS Configuration using LS Retail


  • One-click output screens to export to Excel, Word, etc., use standard reports, build custom reports quickly and easily, and even connect to the ‘back end’ data through tools like ODBC.
  • LS Retail merchandising heirachy, attributes, variants, size, color, etc. allow vastly increased flexibility on how you view your information from accounting to supply chain to POS.


  • Microsoft Dynamics/NAV includes a fully integrated financial package, including G/L, A/R, A/P, EDI, ACH, Debit and Credit card and full financial reporting, based on your format and layout. LS Retail merchandising heirachy, attributes, variants, size, color, etc. allow vastly increased flexibility on how you view your information from accounting to supply chain to POS.

LS Retail Screen Print Sample 'Item Card' (Item Master) screen from LS Retail


  • LS Retail, running on MS Dynamics/NAV can run on Microsoft SQL Server, eliminating the need for expensive, hard to maintain hardware
  • With over 2,700 partners worldwide, our customers have many options for support, development, and implementation partners
  • High ROI: LS Retail proves that performance, features and functions and ease of use does not have to mean high cost of ownership.

Strength & Stability:

  • LS retail is one of the principle companies developing retail solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX for the international arena.
  • LS Retail is used by more than 1300 companies with 25,000 stores operating over 50,000 POS terminals worldwide

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